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Thayer talks technology, recruitment and MI5's big loss

This episode we look at another profile of a technologist who got into the digital technology industry without a degree. Thayer Prime is a self-taught programmer, who now works in organisational design and digital technology recruitment with her company Team Prime. She joined us to talk about her journey into tech, recruitment and more.

In this episode we talked about getting into the digital technology industry without a degree, best practise ideas for hiring processes and found out about Thayer's path into the industry as a self taught developer. Some companies that were mentioned:MillerHare HypothesisOutlandishTeam Prime

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The Pursuit Podcast is designed to offer advice and new perspectives on getting things done in tech. Want to learn to code? Land that great new job? Learn about how to manage your new reports? We've got you covered. With regular this podcast supplemented with exhaustively taken notes, supporting articles and regular webinars, we're aiming to help you be better prepared to get things done.

What are the risks and rewards?

Noted Afrofuturist Florence Okoye and Ed-tech darling Nadeem Shabir talk about their motivations in entering the technology industry and the path they travelled into the industry. Advice and cautions, warnings and rewards of getting into the tech industry, alongside the question of you need a degree to work in tech.